第72集团军某旅组织合成营进攻演练,合成四营“败走麦城”的原因引人深思——  火炮失准,岂能埋怨“地太软”

The reason why the fourth battalion lost the city was thought-provoking -- how could the artillery be wrong to complain that the ground was too soft


“The same equipment, the same process, just a different launch site. Why is the damage so different?" In the face of the "defeat" group announced the results, a 72nd group of troops into a four battalion commander Wen Chao looked at the position, felt the winter night of the chill.


“Boom! Boom! There was a roar from the target area. Then, the fire-attack effectiveness evaluation system in the command post quickly decided:" the'enemy' access fire support damage 90% of the damage, loss of combat capacity."


While everything was going well, the enemy's flanks suddenly opened fire at a number of concealed firepower points, suppressing the synthetic four-camp right-wing attack teams on the mountainside, unable to move.


“‘ The enemy's consequences will be unthinkable once the right-wing attack on my team is enclosed." Wen Chao realized the situation is not right, quickly decided: fire units in the shortest time to push forward, to "enemy" hidden fire point "point-type" strike, cover the army attack.


The yangtze river has been in danger, leading the fire force in the vast night in the rapid movement, in the new shooting area, according to the target of intelligence guidance, quickly ready to shoot.


However, after the smoke, the command post to assess the effectiveness of the fire:\" the'enemy' hidden fire damage level of only 30%, still have combat capabilities.\"


To make matters worse, the exposed firepower unit was then subjected to \"enemy\" fire and suffered a heavy loss. Wind and clouds abruptly, lost fire support of the synthetic four battalion \"lost maicheng \".


Originally, when the mortar fire, the huge recoil will pass through the end of the gun seat plate to the ground. In order to reduce the impact of ground-generated dynamic loads on shooting hit rate, the more rigid ground is ideally chosen as support.


“is really on the battlefield, and the situation is often varied. It's not so much that the soil isn't hard enough as that our war skills aren't hard enough. The battalion's party committee looked back at the war and thought hard. In order to make up the weakness of the short board, according to the method of "environmental forecast, live-fire test, contrast analysis and co-ordinate data ", they integrated the" dangerous situation "and" accident "into each link of training, collected hundreds of data parameters successively, combed out the" multi-environment parameter efficiency manual of firepower equipment ", and provided reference for the fire strike under different conditions.


Shortly after a drill, in the face of sudden heavy rain, the fire force officers and men quickly judged the impact of wind, humidity, soil and other conditions, compared with the environmental data accumulated in peacetime training, quickly corrected the shooting parameters, after a loud sound, the target was destroyed.


\"To know one's enemies is to know one's best, but to know one's best is not to be poor,\" says Sun Tzu. The so-called \"according to local conditions\" not only refers to the rational use of topography and geomorphology, but also refers to the thinking mode of judging the situation and adapting to the situation on the battlefield. According to the different enemy situation, my feelings and other objective conditions, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, cheap policy, to achieve \"people but not people \", can win the battlefield initiative.


It is a soldier's nature to seek victory, however, some officers and men attribute the cause of defeat to the environment is not ideal, it seems that tactical methods cannot be adapted to local conditions, in fact, the idea stays in peacetime rather than wartime. Ask: On the real battlefield, where is the ideal environment, ideal setting?


Looking to the future information battlefield, the combat rhythm is switched faster, the combat environment is more complex, and the aircraft is fleeting. For commanders, more need to \"adapt to local conditions\" thinking. Timely and calm judgment, flexible use of war, can be strategic strategy, victory battlefield.